UNESCO Clubs, Centres & Associations

UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations are groups of volunteers of different ages and socio-professional status who become activists in the service of UNESCO’s ideals.

Established under the aegis of the Ghana Commissions for UNESCO, these Clubs, Centres and Associations are grouped into national, regional and international networks, for the purpose of acting in UNESCO’s fields of competence at the grass root level.

The activities carried out by the Clubs, Centres and Associations are varied and depend, very often, on the interests of their members and also on the financial resources and means of action available.

The main functions of the Clubs are the promotion of UNESCO’s ideals in the area of Human Rights and environmental education; fostering a culture of peace and non-violent actions in society.

UNESCO Clubs in Ghana are found in second cycle institutions and some rural communities.

The Movement in Ghana has received substantial benefits.



Contact national coordinators:

Mr. Apollonius Osei-Akoto Asare —- Email: a.asare@unescoghana.org

Mr. Kofi Takyi Kwakye —- Email: k.kwakye@unescoghana.org